AEIC (AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center) is at the forefront in the UAE today having set high standards of delivery, evaluation criteria, having facilitated the creation and successful delivery and pitching of 7 startup prototype pitch decks by 21 students / 7 teams, while collaborating with 40 plus industry advisors and mentors, students, and administrators.


A widely publicized one of the first kind online pitching event took place on the 8th of April, 2020 via zoom organized by the Dubai Future Foundation - first such attempt to have been made by any University or any Innovation Center in the UAE during the Pandemic that saw 7 success stories emerge from 7 teams.



AEIC takes part in Dubai Future Foundation University Innovation Program publicized by:


AEIC received a funding announcement of AED 40,000/- on May 18th, 2020 & 55,000/- on Dec 15th, 2020 from Dubai SME for all its 12 startups to develop their MVP’s (Minimum Viable Products) and to participate in the next phase of their DEMO Pitch due to be held in District 2071 in Jan & May 2021.



In pipeline for these startups is a work-in-progress to showcase their success stories on MBC TV and share their journeys from mindset change to incubation while preparing for go-to-market stage.


One of the startups has signed a Final Non-Disclosure Agreement to start its first pilot product line for manufacture and distribution of its prototype (version 2) by Fall 2021.



AEIC’s Business Plan for an Education Business incubator (AEIC-Ui) is currently under review by Dubai SME for approval for license, to help fulfil the mandate of Article 6 of Chapter 50 – to graduate businesses and not just students.



AEIC is now a partner with Queros - an education-technology company to offer AEIC students, not limited to, internship opportunities, mentorships of inter-industry experts, joint innovation projects and challenges, experiential learning certifications, and sponsorships and hackathons.


Completed in 2019-20, 8 Design Sprints covering a total of 120 students and 80 administrators including industry executives.


Organized with American Express to conduct 3 paid customized Design Sprints for their employees across the MENA region, delivering the first in the series in early 2020.


Dr. Sunitha Kshatriya, Manager of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at the American University in Dubai, the UNAI SDG Hub for Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals, provided practical and tactical examples of how courage must be met with institutional strategy. 

Dr. Sunitha Kshatriya, Manager of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at the American University in Dubai, wrote an article on the Gulf Business about how UAE-based universities must be refurbished as creative free zones. 


This is a 1-year success story celebration of the UEP program


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Acadlinks has been selected as one of the winners of the MBRIF University Entrepreneurship Program to receive a grant of AED 40,000.00 to support their vision. Dubai Future on Wednesday 5th May 2021, granted the cheque and team certificates to Acadlinks who will also be a part of their Accelerator program.