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FAQs (Arabic)

AEIC Ideation Preparation Course for AUD Students

The below is already being offered to AUD students under BUSI 251 Startup course by AEIC as a preparatory stage towards Incubation since Jan 2020:

  • This is based on IDEO crystalized Dubai Future Foundation’s University Startup Program

  • Some of the AEIC Ideation Program cohort founders’ have done more work on their startup companies than others in 2020. This informed goal setting for AEIC-Ui.

  • Some of these startups are focused on building an initial prototype (Solaris, RidersVest, I Got You and others), while others are on the verge of signing partner NDA contracts (Solaris) for running their 1st pilot.

  • However, almost all 7 Startups that emerged from AEIC’s Ideation Program are in the post-idea, pre-full commitment phase waiting for support on their MVP and Go-To-Market phase.

  • Many of AEIC’s student founders want to further validate their ideas before they decide to either drop out or commit full-time after graduating in an Incubator.

  • The course culminates in 2 Pitches and a final DEMO Pitch where startups are able to present their Ideas, their Customer Validation, their Branding, their Minimum Viable Product Features and their final Prototypes to mentors, industry advisors and funders for funding ranging from 5K to 10K during the Pitches and 50K to 100K in the DEMO.

  • 2 Pathways into this program:

    1. ​Completing BUSI121 as a pre-requisite.

    2. Direct entry into BUSI251 through presentation of your idea made to advisory panel.​​


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