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To achieve its goal of graduating businesses, AEIC works closely with Dubai Future Foundation and the Executive Council to deliver the initiative. It partners with several entities directly such as Dubai SME, DFF, Stanford University and indirectly through allied partnership with d. School, IDEO and others to co-create a dynamic entrepreneurial system for delivering its Mission & Vision, Goals, and Core Values.

AEIC fulfils the mandate through year-round workshops, Entrepreneur Thought Series, talks and through its two courses “UAE Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program” (Course 1: BUSI121) and “University Startup Entrepreneurship Program” (Course 2: BUSI251). Every student's journey at AEIC goes through the following Startup Pathway:

Level 1: Mindset (all freshmen) (Course 1)

Level 2: Ideation (Course 2)

Level 3: Incubation (Course 3)

Level 4: Acceleration (Start-Up runs its Pilot)

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