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AEIC Funding Resources

  • The first step is for AEIC to get support with early funding

  • A budget is needed to run initial startups in Fall 2020/Spring 2021

  • At least a minimum of AED 20K to 40k would be needed to run 1 pilot

  • Finding financial and resource sponsors are discussed below

AEIC Partners

  • Potential sponsors are those who may be willing to pay or provide free services in exchange for access to the pool of talented student entrepreneurs.

  • The following types of sponsors are potentials for AEIC programs:

  1. Tech Companies - Most large tech companies willing to provide student startups with free access to their resources.

  2. Corporate Innovation Arms - Many corporations with innovation teams tasked with staying updated on developments in their field and forming relationships with early stage companies for potential acquisitions who have budgets to sponsor programs for startups and are eager to get access to talented students.

  3. Crowd Funding - All Startups may also utilize crowdfunding as an alternate source of funding. AEIC will share revenues and investor databases with a strategic crowdfunding platform to have access to capital and better structure fundraising activities.

  4. Service Providers - Banks, accounting firms, and law firms looking to connect with early stage founders who are starting to establish infrastructure around their companies.

  5. ​Venture Capital (VC) Firms - VCs interested in connecting with student startups for multiple reasons, that it may lead to an investment. AEIC can expect that seed stage firms would be most interested in sponsoring the program, but later stage firms may also want access to AEIC teams for recruiting purposes and to keep an eye on what’s happening on campuses

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