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The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (AEIC) at the American University in Dubai is the combination of very tangible vision embedded in the realism of what can, and will, be accomplished under the right conditions and with the right leadership. When reading the Center’s Vision and Mission, one is immediately struck with the call to action, the statements are rife with action verbs of doing, moving forward and not stopping. This captures the passion and energy of the Center, its Director, and the students. It is an innovative Center that inspires, challenges and changes.

I have had the honor of observing the Center and the energy, the movement, is indeed palpable. AEIC’s mission of transforming and developing innovative mindsets supports the University’s mission of the support of creative endeavor leading to students’ academic, personal and professional success” and is an integral part of the AUD ethos of “the learning never stops".

Dr. David A. Schmidt

President, AUD

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