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FALL 2022 & SPRING 2023

Current AEIC Startups (SU)
Overarching Aim of the SU
SU's New Approach to Problem Solving
SU's Differentiation
Technology Used by the SU
Alignment with Social Impact Objectives & UN Sustainable Dev. Goals
Younus Yaqoob, Alumni
Supports university students by connecting them with real life industry projects and experience
Uplifting and Empowering People of Determination
Competitors are not UAE based; Low cost platform
Web Application, Wire Frames, Algorithms, Spotify, , Web 2 Technologies etc
Halim, Alumni
Consults on legal complainace of Contractors in the Construction Industry, Supports Claims Management, Planning & Scheduling, Contract Review and Management & Cost Management
Solving problems for Consultants and Constrution Industry
One destination solution for project management services in the Construction industry
Procore Software etc
Environmental Sustainability, Cities and Communities
Karim Melheim, 3rd year std
Food to Go
Looks at reduction of food waste and reduction of hunger in labor force
Prevents food being wasted by sourcing good condition left over food from restaurants and distributes them to labour camps and student community
Is able to cater to student community
Application etc
Environmental Sustainability, Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption and Production
Pulkit Chopra, 2nd year std
Happiness Redefined
Support People of Determination (POD's) in producing hand made greeting card for the community
Uplifting and Empowering People of Determination
Empowering POD's and integrating them into the mainstream, a startup by POD for POD
Web Application, Wire Frames, Algorithms, Spotify, , Web 2 Technologies etc
Educatiion, Health, Poverty Alleviation, Justice and Equality
Fatma AlHashmi, Alumni
Hey Valet
Provides an easy way for the community to get access of their parked vehicles in crowded areas
Facilitates smooth and early retrieval of parked cars by valet services
A Realistic Doable Concept, Partnering with Valet Companies
Application, Linked in, QR code, Emails etc
Partnerships for the Goals
Piyush, Community
My Pets Life
Supports Pet Owners in undertanding, caring and building a community for pets
Offers a supportive community to pet parents and ways to understand pet language
AI-ML Driven Pet care Digital Platform, and Super App, with Emotion Detection
Application, Algorithms, Metaverse, Petcare Digital Platform, Artificial Intelligence etc
Environmental Sustainability, Cities and Communities
Abaas Sajwani, Alumni
One Stop Shop
Provides facilities and home support services to people dwelling in communities
Offers a one-stop window of solutions to all problems faced by renters
One window for all services needed by renting community
Web 2 & 3 Technologies, Metaverse etc
Environmental Sustainability, Industry and infrastructure, Cities and Communities
Lea Drissi, Alumni
Creates mother-daughter identical clothing to reinforce the important bond between mom's and girls
Brings mother-daughter bond closer through same clothing line for mothers and daughters
Trendy, Creating Experiences, Collaborative, Environment Friendly, Affordable Prices
Web 2 Technology, Instagram etc
Gender Equality
Amna Al Shali, Alumni
Supports emerging artists from UAE and Africa by giving them a online art gallery to exhibit their art and stories, and provide them with livlihoold
Offers an online art gallery for emerging artists from UAE, Africa and other countires
Online art gallery for showcasing and empowering emerging artists
Web 2 and 3 Technologies, NFT's etc
Poverty Alleviation, Reduce Inequalities
Rina Mulghi, Alumni
Post School Hub
Connects young students (3 years to 12 years) to teachers who are in the job market, to support with their homework, assignments and skills they require
Connects teachers and students below 8 years to educationakd and much needed academic support
Offers Affordable, One-to-One Tutoring, Easy to use App like Uber
Application, SEO, etc
Elie Soueid, 2nd year stud
Shadow Job
Connects school students to job shadowing with mentors in various industries of choice to facilitate career direction early on
Connects school students to mentors from industry for job shadowing and real and exploring various career paths before embarking on higher education
Offers Real-Life Experience for Students
Web 2 Technology, Instagram etc
Ghaith Al Basthanli, Alumni
Brings solar power in batteries that can charge communities who live in war torn Syria, Palestine and others, Refugee camps and generla Campers
Brining electricity to remote and wor torn areas where there is no electricity through solar power
Eco Friendly, Solar Power Generation, Can work with small Suppliers
Solar Panels, Electrical Panels, Transformers, Algorithms, , Web 2 Technologies etc
Environmental Sustainability, Affordable and Clean Energy
Nuraly, Student
KAM Exchange
Offers a connecting portal for enabling smart contracts for webs 3 community
Offers an online portal that facilitates dealing in various crypto currencies using smart contracts, Integration into Crypto Trading
Reduces Crypto Scams, Offers Smart Contract Exchange Options, Lowest Exchange Rate
Crypto, NFT, Blockchain, Web3 Technologies, Smart Contracts, AML etc
Vivek Ganesh, Community
Supports varous sectors - health, education, food etc, to build easily facilitating blockchain networks for building transparency in exchange
Enabling services in educationm health care, logistics and other industries by connecting services on Blockchain
Adopts the DAO Governance model, Protocol driven by Governance Token Holders, Decentralized Ecosystem
Blockchain, Crypto, NFT's Metaverse, Web 3 Technologies etc
Health, Education, Environmental sustainability
Tatiana Zalan, Community
Creates a community of artists and for artists
Building an exclusive club for painters and artists from around the world including digital art
Community Focussed Digital Art Gallery, Mainly for Crypto Users, Offers Real Community, Tranparent Fees, Instant Transaction, Purpose Driven Art, User Friendly Tech
NFT, Web 2 and 3 Technologies, Crypto, Blockchain, Polkadot Ecosystem etc
Decent Work and Economic Growth

Accelerating in the Market by Piloting their Startups with Customers in the Regional and International Eco-System


Founders & Startups
Start Yr/Mnth
Suryansh Chaudhary - Acadlinks
2021 August
Ghaith Basthanli - Solaris
2021 November
Amna Al Shali - Portreat
2021 November
Lea Drissi -Paolita
2021 December
Fatma - Hey Valet
2022 January
Karim Melheim - Food2Go
2022 January
Eli Soued - Shadow Job
2022 February
Mihaela Nina - Spectrix
External Community
2022 February
Julian Charbel - Nihay Tech
External Community
2022 February
Vivek Ganesh - Super Module
External Community
2022 February
Tatiana Zalan - Vernissage
Internal Community
2022 August
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