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  • Mentors, Speakers, and event attendees will provide the core value of the AEIC experience, focused on building a top-tier community

  • AEIC will build upon the large base of local alums who are excited to work with student entrepreneurs and focused on creating a positive experience


  • Expect: Three to five-hour time commitment that involves meeting with one startup team four or five times over the course of the program.

  • Value: Develop a process for mentors to meet with teams and rank who they were most excited to work with, to be valuable.

  • Have several investor mentors invest in their CV mentee post-program.

  • Mentors receive an invite to a mixer at the beginning of the quarter, weekly updates from their mentee team on progress, and a survey from AEIC and core team mid-quarter and at the end of the quarter to gauge their satisfaction with the program.


  • Expect: One-hour time commitment to come speak with the AEIC cohort and answer student questions.

  • Value: Investors gain visibility to student founders and the ability to engage with startup teams before pitch day. Operators get visibility for their company, which will help them recruit for intern/full-time roles from AEIC founder cohort or their friends.

  • Speakers to receive an event confirmation as well as instructions to the venue and a list of companies/teams that would be in attendance.

  • They will receive a thank-you note afterwards.

Event & Pitch Day Attendees

  • Expect: Come to the AUD campus for three hours to watch AEIC Startup companies give 5-minute pitches, and network with them afterwards.

  • Value: Opportunity to learn about and potentially invest in promising early-stage AEIC Startup companies.

  • To cater the pitch day with great food and drinks.


  • The most important component of the program will be recruiting teams!

  • Teams - Classes and clubs can help students come up with an idea, find a team and do some initial research through entrepreneurship programs, student clubs, or students could come on their own or through the mindset change course of BUSI 121

  • For the first few sessions of AEIC, a key component of marketing to students will be the quality of speakers and mentors to be recruited.

  • It would be important to schedule speakers early (months in advance) and ask permission to include their name or photo in emails or flyers.

  • Important for AEIC is to build up a great brand as quickly as possible, so focused on making every interaction with outside parties (speakers, mentors, event attendees) as professional as possible — especially when it comes to scheduling.

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