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AEIC Faculty Committee is represented by a Faculty from each of the 6 AUD Schools of Business, Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Communication, Education and Architecture. The role of the Faculty Committee is to bridge the gap between various schools and AEIC.


Dr. Pedro Sigaud

Associate Dean and Assistant Professor of Communication and Information Studies

Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication, AUD


Dr. Muriel Tahtouh

Acting Chair of the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences & Associate Professor of Biology

School of Arts & Sciences, AUD


Dr. Nadera Alborno

Associate Professor of Education

School of Education, AUD


Dr. Laura Bakalka

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

School of Architecture, Art & Design, AUD


Dr. Ahmed Badr Mabrouk

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

School of Engineering, AUD


Dr. Reimara Valk

Assistant Professor of Management

School of Business Administration, AUD

7b.Sunitha Kshatriya-AEIC Manager.jpg

Dr. Sunitha Kshatriya

Director and Associate Professor of Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, AUD

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