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FALL 2023

Founder Names
Abdelrahman Shahin
AI-B2B Solution
Ahmed Mabrooq
Ahmed Shahin
AI-B2B Solution
Aryan Rajesh
Uni-Career Guide
Bhawna Bhardwaj
Lavanya Wellness
Dmitry Podgomyy
Elisa Teianu
Dubai Minds
George Mekhael
AI Shirt Design
Joseph Rabbat
AI Shirt Design
Ramez Boctor
Roman Volovoy
Sharifa Aleisa
Rescue Innovation
Yousef Hattat
AI Construction
Hassan Alqassas
Leen Alqassas
Wassim Omran
Infinity Glove
Samir Elias
Infinity Glove
Fatima Magsi
Pro Hair


Incubating and Working with Mentors, while Preparing to Launch with Partners and Customers

Current AEIC Startups (SU)
SU's Approach to Problem Solving
SU's Differentiation
Technology Used by the SU
Alignment with Social Impact Objectives & UN Sustainable Dev. Goals
Ahmad Alakhdar, 1st year UG
Offers real-time consultancy services to new startups in various areas
Offers Emotional Support & is Inexpensive, Flexibe, Tailored Services
Online platform, application etc
George, 3rd year std
Shirt Design
Brings out the designer in customers, by facilitating them to design their own shirts online using AI tools
Realistic Product Rendition, Easy to Use, No AI Image Generation Tools Integrated
Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning, Algorithms, Web 3 Technologies etc
Bhawna, Community
Lavanya Therapy and Wellness
Connects parents and children from Grade 2 to Grade 9 with assessment tools to understant mental health issues and offers practical and educational tools to tackle them
Offers Alternate Therapy Methds for Mental, Physical and Emotional Problems
Online Portal, Tick Tock, Instagram, Mural and Miro Remote White Boards etc
Health & Wellbeing
Ramez, Alumni
Offers the Bedu and Arabic cultural experience of tourits coming to Dubai and UAE
Offers Arabic Luxury UAE Experiences
Website, Online Booking System etc
Environmental Sustainability, Cities and Communities
Sherifa Aleisa
Rescue Innovation
Offers life jackets that can be transformed as saving and trackable devises
Wearable, trackable and Transformable
Environmental Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing
Elissa, 2nd year student
Dubai Minds
Offers resilience traning to the community for overcoming stress and have better mental health
Online, Provides Practical Emotional Support
Zoom, Online learning, Website, Instagram, Podcasts, Nearpod, Linkedin etc
Health and Wellbeing
Ahmed, Community
Connects underground thermal tools to buildings to provide source of heat and cold
Targets Architects, Contractors, Designers and Developers, Offers Green, Efficiency, Occupant-Centric Solutions, Space Cooling & Energy Consumption
Website, Geopthermal Systems, Integrating Technologies, Virtual Storage, Cutting Edge Technologies etc
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Ahmed Al Shaheen, Community
Nuevo Proptech
Helps community to choose spaces - rental as well as homes using AI technology
AI Based Solution, Fully Automated, Centralizes Real Estate Online Data, Fair Market Value and High Data Quality
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Procore software, Fintech, Digital information System etc
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Arul, Grade 11th student
UniCareer Guide
Offers customized search options for school students looking for course options in higher educationn in UAE that University websites and counsellors do not provide
Gives a Holistic and Complete Overview of Universities' Admission Requirements in the UAE, Targetted towards High School Students
Instagram, Mobile Application, Website, Tick-Toc, Advanced Search Engine
Yasser, Community
Wow Coaches
Offers online coaching and coaches for various coaching needs
Arabic Interface, Customized Coaching Experience, Seamless Scheduling, Easy Navigation
Online Platform, Multisided Platform
Health, Education, Environmental sustainability
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