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Portreat Art gallery gives UAE artists the opportunity to show the world the many talents the Middle East has and the consequential role that art plays within the society. Portreat is a movement that hopes to elevate UAE artists and contribute to Dubai as the world’s cultural center point by organizing art fairs to attract collectors, buyers and art enthusiasts from across the globe.

Meet the Founders

Amna AlShaali

Sarah Hammouri

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BusPool is a commuting service for transporting students to and from their universities that can be booked online using the BusPool application. The service offered is affordable, convenient and comfortable with seat guarantee on quality buses that cater to scheduled routes, with gamification, eco-friendly and wireless features. All booking services are to be facilitated through the BusPool application.

Meet the Founder

Farah Morsy

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The SolarisBox is portable power station and solar generator. The system contains a battery than can be charged through an electrical outlet or solar panels, making it an ideal source of power for camping, emergency power outages, and outdoor jobs. A pure sine inverter provides an output that allows the SolarisBox to run a plethora of devices and appliances such as lights, phones, laptops, TVs, electric drills, and minifridge. Currently, two different models of the SolarisBox are being designed: SolarisBox 500 & SolarisBox 1800

Meet the Founders

Gaith Al Bastanli

Anas Hammoudeh

Yousef Ahmad

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Acadlinks is an online platform for students, academia, and industry that gives students exposure to real-world industry projects, and helps prepare them for real work life. Acadinks helps educational systems by equipping students more holistically in their field on one hand, while on the other, facilitating industries to have better percentage rate of good candidates for their companies. Thus, reducing unemployment rate, training time, cost, and finally turnover rates.

Meet the Founders

Younus Yaqoob

Suryansh Choudhary

Salik Adhikari

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The Startup is working on revolutionizing the motorcycle to make the experience better and safer for the rider. The idea of the AirVest is - a vest that deploys an airbag system in less than a second on impact, to save the motorcycle rider. It contains a body-cooling system for bikers to be able to comfortably ride in sunny and humid days. It provides a safe ride for the rider and reduces the risks of death or serious injuries. It encourages people to start riding motorcycles and gives them the confidence they need on the road.

Meet the Founders

Hassan ElUneis

Fahim Mohammed

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I Got You! is an application where clients could find out about hair products and can purchase beauty care products and benefit from beauty care routines provided. Clients save money and time by using the I Got You! app. Users can rent out I Got You’s unique and easy disposable straighteners’ and blow-dryers’ in the nearest restroom in their location with the help of the I Got You application.

Meet the Founders

Muna Yousuf

Raashi Raju Sadhwani

Hanan Fathall

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American University in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

AEIC-Room 214, EMBA Building