• AEIC is excited to see AEIC-Ui get started.  

  • It would be amazing to watch founders graduate from the program and continue their journeys, whether that means pursuing their startup company or moving on to other ventures.

  • Journeying through AEIC-Ui will be one of the most rewarding parts of a student’s time at AUD and much of this will be due to the relationships formed with all of the amazing students, mentors, experts who will participate in the program.

AEIC-Ui Startup Journey for All

  • Mandatory 52 weeks (1 year) of Incubation journey

  • Followed by optional support of 52 weeks (1 year) on Acceleration journey in the eco-system


AEIC-Ui Plan to License Businesses

AEIC Bi will have 4 kinds of business licenses:

  • Emirati business license

  • GCC business license

  • Expat business license

  • Joint Venture business license

AEIC-Ui Plan to Licensing Responsibility

  • The Admin & Advising Core Team will receive and review all applications

  • The Advising, Ideas & Finance Core Team will evaluate and approve all ideas

  • The Admin, Operations & Contracts Core Team will facilitate leasing agreements including Hijari’s, approval letters for licensing issued by AUD’s Central Services to all Startups covering Emirati, GCC, Expat and Joint Venture Startups

  • The Admin, Operation & Contracts team will send all documents for Emirati and GCC Startups with 100% ownership, along with approval letter for licensing to Dubai SME once the above is completed

  • The Admin, Operation and Contracts team will send all documents for licensing with approval letter for all Expatriate and Joint Venture Startups to DED and for Emirati and GCC companies to Dubai SME

AEIC-Ui Equity Plan

AEIC Bi may have Equity in 2 types of businesses:

  • Expat businesses

  • Joint Venture businesses

AEIC-Ui Funding Resources & Running a Pilot