Step 1

  • Send an email to aeic@aud.edu, and specify your intention to become a member of AEIC.

  • Send a 1 para brief of your startup idea with the email.

  • AEIC will schedule a Pitch presentation to AEIC’s Core Committee for evaluation of your startup idea.

  • If selected by AEIC’s Core Committee, you will proceed to become a member.

Step 2

  • After you apply for membership, it will be approved by the AEIC’s Operations Committee.

  • AEIC will send you a package of the pathways and the support offered to you as a member.

AUD Student and Alumni

  • Steps 1 and Step 2 apply.

External and Internal Community

  • Steps 1 and Step 2 apply.

  • Step 3, Startup will be further evaluated by the High Committee.