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Business Sector

Business Incubator specialized in supporting universities, school students and community businesses having innovative startup ideas

AEIC Mindset Change Course

AEIC Ideation Course

AEIC-Ui Incubation Program for All Members



Below are additions that will be offered to all students under AEIC-Ui as members of the Incubator from Spring 2021:

Stage 3: Incubation Activities 

  • Apply for space in AEIC-Ui incubator

  • Get a trade license

  • Open a bank account

  • Avail incubator support services as at subsidised membership fees

  • Work with Mentors and Entrepreneurs

  • Enhance MVP

  • Undergo the 12-week skill development training

  • Get technical consultations

  • Get economic feasibility study done on MVP

  • Get market studies ready

  • Get studies on workforce availability

  • Prepare report on raw materials needed to start production

  • Prepare detailed work plans

  • Prepare an integrated financial, technical, advisory and legal plan

  • Get consultations on budgeting and financial requirements to start production

  • Get consultations on budgeting and financial requirements to start production

  • Get market ready with live business plan

  • Get all agreements in place

  • Create a financial strategy and investment plan

  • Prepare live business plan

  • Prepare pitches to investors

  • Meet investors

  • Seek funding, financial liquidity and investment

  • Prepare loan repayment methods and plans

  • Prepare for administration and technology transfers

  • Build networks

  • Close skills gaps through workshops, seminars & training courses

  • Prepare for acceleration


The below is being planned to be offered to all incubating startups by AEIC-Ui from Fall 2021 for their Go-To-Market based on Startup’s readiness:

  • Enter the market

  • Showcase product in startup GETEX

  • Acceleration in the eco-system

  • Piloting

  • Sustainable Revenue

  • Growing the Framework

  • Defining Success

  • Measuring and Evaluating

  • Staffing E&I Projects

  • Keep Getting Feedback

  • Funding Strategy

Stage 4: Acceleration Activities