• A twelve-week program with the following structure will be offered to all:

    • Once or twice, weekly speaker sessions and workshops embedded within it

    • Teams matched with three mentors, who meet with their teams 2–3x

    • Social events and mid-quarter check-ins with teams

    • Final demo day to investors, press, and broader AUD community

    • AED 50K to AED 100K funding providing to 3 high potential teams through Dubai SME

    • Minimum equity funding from AEIC and Dubai SME, as well as free or discounted startup resources from various Dubai SME networks

  • The true “instructors” of AEIC-Ui will be the speakers, mentors, and other experts who volunteer their time.

  • Teams are led towards the pitch day while focusing on a different topic each week as shown below.

  • Teams will need to present a Live Business Plan by the end of the Program, a Pitch Deck and a Functional Prototype with Minimum Viable Features.

AEIC351 Spr 21.png
Training Fall-Spr.png